Freckle Entertainment is a small but plucky promoting business bringing music, theatre, comedy and sports to Charleston. We present events that are brilliant, spontaneous, engaging, perhaps a little mischievous, and certainly worth your notice. We’re creating events that hip, fun, diverse folks can enjoy and share. Evenings of great talent and good company – that’s Freckle!

Freckle offerings might be a little geeky, a bit racy, slightly silly, or just plain cool. Freckle Entertainment is committed to quality events, to excellent customer service and paying a whole lot of attention to what our patrons want, didn’t like and might love.

Why the name “Freckle”?

I am certain the phrase “life of the party” was coined for my Mother, Anita. Of course, she had fiery red hair and a freckle or two. And she hosted some rowdy bridge games; I can still remember falling asleep to the sound of laughter in the living room.

Like most kids, she would use my given name when she was angry. But she also called me “Suzanne” when she wanted to feign disdain and yet let me know that in her heart, she was celebrating the mischief, liberation, and brass I inherited – from her!

If I told her today about Freckle, Mom would say “Suzanne, you must be out of your mind. Now get me some seats in the front row!” Mom loved a good rowdy bridge game and she would love the notion of Freckle Entertainment.

Perhaps a little risqué?

We’ll be presenting events for all kinds of folks, but not everything will be for everyone. Yep, we might do something a little risqué on occasion. But we’ll wave the red flag and let you know in advance. We count on you to make the best decisions for you in regard to buying tickets.


With the start-up of Freckle Entertainment, Susie Prueter now holds the title of “hardest workin’ woman in show business”. By day, Susie is the Production Office Manager for Spoleto Festival USA and on behalf of the Festival, manages the day-to-day operations of Memminger Auditorium. By night, between Memminger gigs and Freckle planning, Susie sometimes works as a local stagehand for beer money.

In addition to helping organize scenery, costumes, lighting, audio and production staff for Spoleto Festival USA, Susie takes on such challenging projects as chasing possums out of the Spoleto Scene Shop, locating artist suitcases lost between Beijing and Beaufain Street, and taming the mind-of-its-own HVAC system at Memminger Auditorium.

Prior to moving to Charleston, Susie worked as a Company Manager for Broadway and touring companies of Les Miserables, Fosse, and Disney’s Aida and Beauty and the Beast. She has logged over 300 weeks on the road touring in the United States/Canada and has humiliated bus drivers worldwide with her ability to stuff more luggage under a bus than they can.

After high school, Susie’s father encouraged her to attend Louisiana Tech University, an excellent school for engineering. Susie graduated four years later with a BA in Speech/Theatre. Susie later went on to earn an MFA in Arts Administration from the University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival and is a member of the Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers.

Susie is a lucky, grateful gal to have had such wonderful opportunity and comedy in life. She especially thanks her partner Elaine, family, friends, colleagues, and Freckle fans for their enduring, generous, and smiling support of Freckle Entertainment.